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HPLC Column

  • NH2 HPLC Column

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    NH2 HPLC Column

    NH2 (Amino) columns contain a silica-based aminopropyl bonded sorbent. The column is listed as USP L8 and is used for anion-exchange, normal-phase and HILIC separations.Read More

  • C4 HPLC Column

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    C4 HPLC Column

    C4 stationary phase is bonded with butyl on the basis of Monolayer functional group and end-capped bonded skill, and have suitable hydrophobic characters. This column has good selectivity and peak symmetry, and is suitable for acid, neutral and alkali compound, like...Read More

  • CN HPLC Column

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    CN HPLC Column

    Cyanopropryl groups bonded to Silica gel, offers unique selectivity, long column operating lifetime, and excellent peak shapes in both reversed phase mode and normal phase mode. Cyano Column offering pi-pi interactions and hydrogen bonding interactionsRead More

  • C8 HPLC Column

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    C8 HPLC Column

    C8 is an inert and durable C8 column and is recommended for rapid analysis of very hydrophobic compounds delivering symmetric peaks within a wide range of pH. C8 is the Octyl group (C8) bonded newly developed Silica gel column which exhibits very high inertness.Read More

  • C18 HPLC Column

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    C18 HPLC Column

    Green Mall C18 has the advantages of extremely low operating back pressure, superior inertness to any analytes, high efficiency and compatibility with a wide range of solvents, as well as can used for wide pH range analysis with column-to-column and lot-to-lot consistency.Read More

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