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Development direction of chromatographic column
Sep 14, 2017

The short column, the column length 3~10cm and the filler size 2~3&micro were developed because of the emphasis on the analysis speed; M. In order to improve the analytical sensitivity and mass spectrometry (MS), a narrow diameter column, a capillary column and an inner diameter of less than 0 were developed. 2mm micro-diameter column (microbore). The advantages of the fine tube diameter column are: The ① saves the flow phase, the ② sensitivity increases, the ③ sample quantity is small, the ④ can use the long column to achieve the high separation degree, the ⑤ is easy to control the column temperature, and ⑥ is easy to realize LC combination.

However, because the column size is getting smaller, the effect of the external column effect is more significant, requiring smaller pool volume detectors (even on column detection), smaller dead volume of the column joints and connecting parts. Supporting equipment should have the following performance: Infusion pump can be precision output 1~100µ l low flow, the sample valve can accurately and repeatedly sampling small volume samples. And the high sensitivity of the detector, the electrochemical detector and the mass spectrometer have outstanding advantages.

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