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function of membrane filter
Sep 14, 2017

Filtration membrane as the original structure of the filter is very thin, so its filtration mechanism is mainly screen removal effect, adsorption effect is very small. Therefore, the filtration precision of membrane filter is higher, the particle size control is more stable, and backwashing is easy to restore performance. However, if the water contains oil, it is easy to plug and difficult to wash back. Many researchers at home and abroad have been based on the hydrophilic quality of ceramic materials in the hope of using ceramic membranes to treat water, but after study, it is generally considered that the problem of membrane fouling is still difficult to solve. Membrane fouling is a very complex problem, but one thing is certain, that is, the large amount of organic matter in the pollutant is certain, but it usually pays attention to the film itself and less to the supporting layer.

According to the adsorption mechanism and the pore characteristics of the membrane layer and supporting layer, it can be explained why the membrane filtration is not easy to block water and is very easy to clog with oily water. For a general solid suspension, a particle larger than the membrane hole is trapped (screened) on the surface of the membrane, smaller than the membrane hole particles through the membrane hole, as a filter film is very thin, and can not be adsorbed on these particles, although the supporting layer is relatively thick, but the pore relative to the membrane hole larger, not enough to produce adsorption. This only eliminates the effect of screening, so it is easy to reverse wash. For oil in the water, because of the instability of oil droplets, the oil droplets larger than the membrane pores are not necessarily screened, because they may be split into droplets smaller than the membrane pores through the membrane pores, although they can pass through the membrane itself, but in the supporting layer can be gathered into a large oil droplets and the pores of the supporting layer adsorption, and can not be removed. Therefore, oily water will form a blockage to the membrane filter, and it is difficult to wash back. Therefore, this filter is suitable for the water filtration of low permeability formation, but not for oil-bearing effluent filtration.

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