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Performance characteristics of filter membrane material in needle device
Sep 14, 2017


Performance: Suitable for water system and all kinds of organic solvents, resistant to all solvents, low solubility. With breathable impervious, large gas flux, high particle interception rate, good temperature resistance, strong acid, alkali, organic solvents and oxidants, anti-aging and Non-stick, Non-flammable and Non-toxic, biocompatibility and other characteristics. Its related products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, electronics, food, energy and other fields.

B. Water system pes (polyether sulfone)

Performance: This product is the German Membrana company imports the membrane, has the high chemical and the thermal stability, the velocity is fast, the acid-alkali ability is strong (ph range 1-14); High mechanical strength.

C. Organic Nylon 6 (homemade)

Performance: With good hydrophilicity, acid and alkali resistance, antioxidant. It is not only suitable for aqueous solution containing acid and alkaline, but also suitable for organic solvents such as alcohols, hydrocarbons, lipids, phenols and ketones.

D. Organic Nylon 66 (British imports)

Performance: superior to domestic nylon 6 performance, this product is suitable for most organic solvents and aqueous solution, can be used for strong acid, 70% ethanol, two chloride methane and other organic solvents. High temperature resistance, good strength and stable chemical properties.

E. polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF (United States imports)

Performance: Polyvinylidene fluoride film has chemical stability and inertia, suitable for chemical corrosive organic solvents, acid and alkali solution, high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of the sample preparation. It has hydrophobic properties and can filter water from air and gas. Polyvinylidene fluoride film is laminated on the support network, has strong strength and maneuverability, Can withstand 130 degrees of high temperature.

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