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Introduction To PTFE Syringe Filter with prefilter
Aug 16, 2018


PTFE membrane are hydrophobic in nature and are effective barriers to microbes and particulate matter. The high titer reduction and water intrusion pressure allow the membrane to repel high surface tension liquids while venting gases. PTFE membranes are used in a variety of heathcare applications such as vents on IV filters and spike vents, protecting equipment and sensors from fluids and contamination, and substrates for tissue growth and implatables. Material characteristics include broad chemical compatibility, excellent particle retention, easy handling and sealing, and compatibility with various sterilizing methods, making it a versatile material for applications which require a hydrophobic barrier. Whether you need to keep fluid confined while letting air or gas pass, a breathable particle, or a sterile barrier, PTFE is the ideal membrane. Excellent lot-to-lot consistnecy ensures product performance meets critical application requirements. Our PTFE membrane has one of the best ratios of airflow to particle retention available on the market.

Hydrophilic PTFE membrane characterized with high porosity and optimized hydrophilicity. It provides high flow rate, best chemical compatibility and low protein binding, ideal for aqueous solutions and solvents filtration.


In addition to HPLC, syringe filters have a multitude of other applications. A syringe filter adds a few minutes and a minimal expense to your testing process, but you will see a big return on your investment.
1 Small volume venting
2 HPLC sample preparation
3 Removal of protein precipitates
4 Routine QC analysis

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