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Save operation of HPLC column
Sep 14, 2017

1. If the flow phase contains acid or inorganic salts, it should be washed clean with deionized water (20 Times Times column volume) first. The chromatographic column is then preserved with 100% acetonitrile or methanol. Finally, the joints of the pillars are sealed and stored in a stable environment.

2. The chromatographic column should be avoided by direct mechanical impact or fall, and the performance of chromatographic column can be reduced.

Regeneration of chromatographic column:

Using the equivalent of 20 times times the volume of the solvent to wash the pillars in the following order, it is recommended to press the arrow direction of the column flushing, as far as possible without recoil. The order of reference solvent used in flushing is water, methanol, chloroform and isopropyl alcohol.

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