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Capacity Of SPE Column
Sep 14, 2017

The capacity of solid-phase extraction column refers to the adsorption amount of solid-phase extraction column filler. For solid-phase extraction column with silica gel as matrix, its capacity is generally in $number $literal mg, i.e. the column capacity is the $number of filler quality. The capacity of the bonding silicone ion-exchange adsorbent filler is expressed in meq/g, i.e., the capacity of each gram filler is x mg equivalent. The capacity of such fillers is usually in 0.5~1.5 meq/g.

Column capacity must be considered when selecting solid phase extraction column. Because the sample substrates we face are usually complex, such as food, biological samples and so on. In solid phase extraction, the adsorption of the target compounds by solid-phase extraction adsorbent will also adsorb the impurities of the same nature. Therefore, in considering the column capacity should be the target compound plus the amount of impurities that can be adsorbed can not exceed the column capacity. Otherwise, some target compounds may not be adsorbed in the process of loading, resulting in a low recovery rate.

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