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Installation Of HPLC Column
Sep 14, 2017

1, the first to confirm the column and the instrument connector and whether the pipeline matching. In order to reduce the dead volume, the connection between the inlet valve, the column and the detector is the inner diameter of the pipe with smaller inner diameter, while controlling the length of the pipeline between the injection, the chromatographic column and the detector. Before installing the chromatographic column, confirm that the solvent in the flow system is normal. The installation of the protective column is recommended for samples with complex analysis.

2, in order to make the chromatographic column and the instrument system to achieve the best connection effect, should try to use with the Chromatographic column interface matching nut and cone joints, if the original joint long-term matching other types of chromatographic column, it is recommended that the new chromatographic column should be checked before the match, to avoid the damage caused by chromatographic column or the leakage caused by the mismatch of chromatographic column.

3, the use of Peek material general connection, just use the hand to tighten do not need a specific wrench, the use of pressure of 5000psi, the use of temperature should not exceed 100 ℃.

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