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Introduction To HPLC Column
Sep 14, 2017

A cylindrical tube with a stationary phase for separating the mixed components is loaded.

More for metal or glass production. There are straight tube shape, coil tube, U-shaped tube and other shapes.

The chromatographic column can be divided into two categories: filling column and open pipe column. The liquid chromatography is usually filled with a filling column.

The separation effect of chromatographic column depends on the stationary phase selected, and the preparation and operating conditions of chromatographic column.

Chromatography is a separation analysis means, separation is the core, so the separation of chromatographic column is the heart of the chromatographic system. The requirement of chromatographic column is high column efficiency, good selectivity and fast analysis speed. All kinds of particulate fillers for HPLC, such as porous silica gel and bonding phase with silica gel as substrate, alumina, organic polymer microspheres (including ion exchange resins), porous carbon, and so on, its granularity is generally 3, 5, 7, 10μm and so on, the column effect theory can reach $number million/M. For general analysis, only 5000 tray number of column effect, for homologues analysis, as long as 500 can be, for the more difficult to separate the material can be used up to 20,000 pillars, so the general 10~30cm around the column length can meet the complex mixture analysis needs.

Column effect is influenced by the internal and external factors of column, in order to achieve the best efficiency of chromatographic column, besides the dead volume of column, it is necessary to have a reasonable column structure (to reduce dead volume outside the filling bed as far as possible) and the filling technology. Even if the best filling technology, in the column center and along the wall part of the filling situation is always different, close to the wall of the site is more loose, easy to produce ditch flow, faster speed, affecting the flow of the washing agent, so that the spectral band widened, this is the tube wall effect. The wall area is approximately 30 times times the thickness of the diameter from the pipe wall. In the general liquid chromatographic system, the effect of column effect is much greater than that of the tube wall effect.

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