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Introduction To Sterile Syringe Filter
Aug 13, 2018


Green Mall sterile syringe filters are independently packed, available with PES,PTFE,PVDF, Nylon, MCE, CA, & pore size 0.22,0.45, 0.8μm. gamma radiation sterilization, DuPont analyzer.

1.Tissue culture media/additives. 
3.Biological solutions.

PES—— Fast flow & low protein binding. 
PVDF——Ultra-low protein binding. 
Mixed cellulose esters (MCE)—— General purpose; binds trace proteins. 
Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic——PTFE Broad chemical compatibility. 
Media: MCE, PES, CA, PTFE, PVDF, Nylon
Pore size: 0.45, 0.2 
Diameter: 13mm, 25mm, 33mm

Syringe Filter PES 
Polyesthersulfone (PES) membrane for aqueous solutions provides removal of fine particles, bacteria, viruses, and fungi making it a versatile membrane for applications such as sample preparation, sterile filtration and infusion therapy. PES is an inherently hydrophilic membrane that wets out quickly and completely resulting in fast filtration with superior flow rates and high throughputs. The hydrophilic nature of PES means no added surfactants are used to increase wettability. PES membrane is compatible with EtO, gamma irradiation, and autoclave methods of sterilization.

PES membranes are hydrophilic, low protein binding and stable in alkaline pH, and are recommended for aqueous applications and for biological samples. They are also an alternative choice for users requiring a filter that exhibits extremely low protein binding characteristics.

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