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Specifications For SPE Column
Sep 14, 2017

Most of the common solid-phase extraction columns are injection syringe-type devices with polyethylene as the material, which contains two pieces of polypropylene or fiberglass as material, and a certain amount of chromatographic adsorbent (filler) is filled in the middle of two plug pieces. The upper end of the solid-phase extraction column is open, the bottom is a liquid outlet, and the liquid is discharged from the outlet after the adsorbent. According to the space volume above the classical solid-phase extraction column packing, the specifications of solid-phase extraction column can be divided into 1 ml, 3 ml, 6 ml, ml, ml, ml, ml, ml and so on. There are also special specifications of solid-phase extraction columns produced according to specific application requirements. From the appearance of solid-phase extraction column, the classical solid-phase extraction column is similar to the injection syringe, which is straight tube type. In addition, the upper end of the solid-phase extraction column is funnel-shaped, which facilitates the loading of more samples during manual operation.

The SPE column without sieve plate is a new type of SPE column. The product uses the secret technology exclusive technology to C18 and C8, such as bonding silicone filler special treatment, so that it has high mechanical strength and toughness, no need to add polyethylene porous baffle in the column as support. The secret proprietary technology product "All-in-one SPE solid-phase Extraction column" is the first in the market at home and abroad to appear in an integrated SPE column.

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