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The Construction Of HPLC Column
Sep 14, 2017

Column by column, pressure cap, card sleeve (sealing ring), sieve plate (filter), joints, screws and so on. The column tube is made of stainless steel, the pressure is not higher than the kg/cm2, also can use thick-walled glass or quartz tube, pipe wall requires a very high finish. In order to improve column efficiency and reduce wall effect, the inner wall of stainless steel column is more polished. There are also people in the stainless steel column wall coated with fluorine plastic to improve the inner wall finish, the effect and polishing the same. There is also the use of molten silicon or glass lined, for fine tubing. The column joints at both ends of the chromatographic column are fitted with a sieve plate, which is sintered stainless steel or titanium alloy, the aperture is 0.2~20µ m (5~10µ m), depending on the filler granularity, is designed to prevent the stuffing from leaking.

Chromatographic column can be divided into two types: analytical type and preparation type by use, size specifications are also different: ① Conventional analysis Column (Chang), inner diameter 2~5mm (commonly used 4.6mm, domestic 4mm and 5mm), column length 10~30cm; ② narrow diameter column (narrow bore, also known as fine tube diameter column, Semi-micro-column semi-microcolumn), inner diameter 1~2mm, column length 10~20cm; ③ Capillary column (also known as Micro-column microcolumn), inner diameter 0.2~0.5mm, ④ semi-prepared column, inner diameter >5mm, ⑤ Laboratory preparation column, inner diameter 20~40mm, column length ~ 30cm. The diameter of ⑥ production column can be up to dozens of cm. The diameter of the column is generally determined by the length of the column, the size of the filler and the flow rate, in order to avoid the wall effect.

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