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The Principle Of SPE Column
Sep 14, 2017

SPE technology is based on liquid-solid chromatographic theory, the sample is enriched, separated and purified by selective adsorption and selective elution, which includes liquid phase and solid phase physical extraction process, and can be approximated as a simple chromatographic process.

SPE is the separation principle using selective adsorption and selective elution by liquid chromatography. The more commonly used method is to make the liquid sample solution through the adsorbent, retain the measured substance, and then select the appropriate strength solvent to wash the impurities, and then use a small amount of solvents to quickly remove the measured substances, so as to achieve rapid separation and purification and enrichment purposes. It can also selectively adsorb interfering impurities and let the measured substance flow out, or at the same time adsorb impurities and measured substances, and then selectively elution the measured substances using appropriate solvents.

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